Choosing Your Preferred SEAS Style

Side View

Front View

* For sizing reference: Model above is approximately 5'9" with average-sized facial features and thin, athletic build.  Depending on your size, styles above may fit more tightly or loosely on your face, but both should fit most adults, and our Streamlined style should even fit most elementary school-aged children.



  • More fitted, sleeker look with no front seam
  • Might be better suited for children and those with smaller faces


  • Added breathing room in front of face provided by contoured front seam design
  • Looser fit around the head and ears
  • 2" longer than Streamlined from top to bottom
  • Not recommended for children

Relaxed-Fit with Filter

  • Relaxed-fit style
  • Sewn-in pocket for replaceable PM2.5 carbon filter  (One filter included)
  • Flexible nose bridge strips for custom-fit around the nose and face that can be easily attached, removed, and replaced (Three included)
  • Removable hook and loop headstraps for adjusting fit around the face and head, thereby accommodating additional comfort preferences (One set included)
* If you would prefer the added breathing room provided by the Relaxed-fit style but are concerned it might be too loose around the face and ears of smaller faces, we recommend getting our optional hook and loop headstraps (included in the relaxed-fit deluxe version, but also sold separately), which can be adjusted to provide as much tightness as needed and can be used with almost all masks and face covers that have ear loops.