Cooling Properties of SEAS Cooling Face Cover


Wearing a face mask in the summer heat or in the middle of a game or workout can be quite unpleasant, but when you need protection that's going to keep you cool and performing at your best, the best solution is Sea to Me's unique Cooling Face Cover, made with Coolcore's award-winning, patented fabric that keeps you so cool, you'll actually look forward to wearing it.

The Coolcore® fabric is incredibly light and breathable, even when wet.  It is mechanically engineered to quickly distribute moisture throughout the fabric and to regulate evaporation while cooling you in the process.  Whether you intentionally wet it before use or it naturally becomes wet as you perspire, the fabric will wick moisture away from your skin, providing a cooling sensation you have to feel to believe.  In fact, you can feel it with every breath.  When you breathe out, the captured moisture in your warm breath instantly begins to evaporate, providing a noticeable refreshing coolness as you inhale.  The evaporative cooling effect reduces the fabric’s surface temperature up to 30°F below skin temperature!

Evaporative Cooling built into Sea to Me Cooling Face Cover

Check out this one-minute video that demonstrates the cooling power of the Coolcore® technology.  You'll see how the Coolcore® fabric drops its surface temperature by more than 80°F (46°C) in only a matter of seconds after it is dipped in hot water that's almost 160°F (70°C): Video

Imagine what that cooling power will feel like around your face and neck when you need it most!  

The Coolcore® fabric keeps you cool by helping you maintain an ideal body temperature, no matter how or where you opt to wear it.  However, for the greatest cooling effect, you may choose to use it as a cooling towel by periodically wetting it*, wringing out the water, and quickly waving it in the air before putting it on. It'll feel refreshingly cool, but surprisingly, it won't feel wet to the touch and it won't soak your shirt or blouse.  




*A wet face cover may not provide the same level of protection as a dry face cover.  Please be cautious around others when wearing a wet face cover.