Customer Reviews


"So, I own about 15 of these and I LOVE them! Really lightweight, and I can breathe and talk with ease. I have all different styles, and they ALL work great! I don't wear any other masks but these."

-Julie Rice


"I probably have 20 different masks I have bought...until I found this one.  I should be on an infomercial.  I tell everyone these are the most comfortable, breathable, cool face covering they will ever find.  The relaxed fit with filter is perfect for my profession, court reporter, but especially for teachers....Finally a face covering you can wear all day without the feeling of suffocating...and it doesn’t fog my glasses!!"

-Cindy F. Tickle, RPR 


"This is the most comfortable and lightweight mask we have tried!  It's great for indoor or outdoor activities.  It wicks away natural moisture, and we love the option to wet it for ultimate coolness."

-Cyndi Naehu, Mother of Two Teens 


 “As soon as our team members put them on, they said, ‘Oh, my gosh! I could wear THIS all day!’ They aren't pulling their masks down on their chin throughout the day because this is comfortable.”

- Dr. Katherine Whittaker Stopp, Assistant Superintendent of Manhattan Beach Unified School District



"These face coverings are amazing- so light and comfortable.  We really enjoy wearing them."
- Gordon McWilliams, Owner of Stepstone, Inc. Concrete Solutions

"This is a face covering I actually don't mind wearing.  I forget I have it on when it's around my neck, but I can just pull it up quickly when needed."
- Charley Allen, Clinical Psychologist specializing in mindfulness 
"We've looked at several options for our school district and these are my favorite face coverings."
- Brett Geithman, Superintendent of Larkspur Corte Madera School District