Instructions for Detachable Headstraps

Headstraps can be attached or removed as often as desired.

Attaching headstraps can be fairly intuitive, especially after doing it a couple of times, but to ensure most comfortable fit, please follow instructions below-

Attaching straps to ear loops:

Steps 1-3 for attaching optional headstraps to Sea to Me Cooling Face Cover
Steps 4-6 for attaching optional headstraps to Sea to Me Cooling Face Cover


Securing headstrap behind the head:

Step 1- For most secure fit, put on face cover normally over the ears

Step 2- Grab each strap from behind each ear making sure not to twist the ear loops (soft side should be facing your head on both straps).

Step 3- Pull straps to desired level and overlap one on top of the other to secure them behind your head (if there is too much overlap because straps are too long for your desired tightness level, straps can easily be shortened by cutting them with a pair of scissors)


*Straps can also be worn with ear loops completely below or above the ears by securing the straps lower on the back of your neck or higher on the back of your head.

***To minimize the potential for straps to get caught on the face cover itself or on other objects, we recommend completely overlapping the straps when the face cover is not in use, and removing them completely before washing your face cover.***