The Versatility of SEAS Cooling Face Cover

The evaporative and moisture wicking properties of the fabric used in the Sea to Me Cooling Face Cover won't only keep you cool and comfortable during the summer, they'll also keep you dry and warm during the winter.  This year-round thermoregulation fabric is the solution to constantly changing activity levels, temperature, and weather conditions.


Year-round Coolcore fabric used in Sea to Me Cooing Face Cover


The Cooling Face Cover's design will also make it one of the most versatile items you own.  It can be worn in a variety of ways so that's it's easy to have with you at all times.  It can be worn as a wristband, armband, headband, hairband, scrunchy, hood, neck gaiter, bandana, scarf, and of course, as a face mask and neck cover.  Your creativity is the limit!



Regardless of how, when, and where you choose to wear it, it is sure to keep you cool and comfortable, and it will remain easily accessible so that you can more fully protect yourself and others when needed.


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